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As the world’s first interdisciplinary center in the new field of space object behavioral sciences, the SOBS Initiative brings together scientists, engineers, government officials, spacecraft operators and others to share information, advance knowledge, build solutions and craft policy decisions to protect all nations and the world’s astronauts and spacecraft traveling deeper into space.

SOBS provides the foundation for advances in knowledge and rapid, coordinated research attention to emerging developments and discoveries in many disciplines and endeavors, including astrodynamics, space domain awareness and protection, space traffic monitoring and management, and interplanetary exploration and navigation.

Resources for affiliates and participating agencies toward these goals include the following:

  • Opportunities for worldwide student and faculty exchange among top space-science research universities
  • Access to the UA’s space telescopes, physics, optics and other research labs and databanks
  • Access to job opportunities in related fields
  • Access to SOBS-developed software and modeling technologies
  • Alerts on new research grants and student research opportunities
  • Alerts on advances in satellite tracking capabilities and traffic management
  • Live chats and podcasts on critical topics, such as policies that affect space object behavior
  • Opportunities to collaborate with researchers across the University of Arizona and affiliated institutions
  • Opportunities to prepare witness testimony before Congress and other policymaking bodies
  • Hackathons for early-career SOBS researchers and developers
  • White papers and recommendations from SOBS research and meetings
  • News about and commentary from affiliated researchers and practitioners, including updates from Director Moriba Jah
  • Notification of conferences, colloquia and published papers
  • Information on international space laws, policies, regulations, guidelines and recommendations

Research Paper Collections

We are building our collection of resources. Please check back often! 


SOBS hosts public programs and collaborates with other programs to educate students of all ages and share information on space object research. Below are links to some UA and affiliated space-related resources and outreach programs.

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