Studying Space as an Ecosystem

The SOBS initiative advances knowledge not only about space object behavior but also about the political, social and economic relationships between space object behavior and protection of the space domain. It establishes the first opportunity for scientists, policymakers and space operators, working together, to consider space object behavior as part of an ecosystem.

The initiative provides the foundation for rapid, coordinated research and development in many disciplines, including astrodynamics, space domain awareness and protection, space traffic monitoring and management, and interplanetary exploration and navigation.

Focus Areas

SOBS research focuses on the science and technology R&D of space object behavior and operations in the following context:

  • National and international space laws, policies, regulations, guidelines, and recommendations as inputs into space object behavior
  • Country-specific doctrine and culture as influencers of space object behavior
  • Astrodynamics – with an emphasis on non-gravitational forces and torques
  • Big data science and analytics for quantifying, assessing and predicting space object behavior
  • Decision support systems, space situational awareness, information visualization, and course of action development
  • Space information systems design, development, management and use
  • Technologies that support collection, processing, storage, fusion and dissemination of real-time and stored space object behavior-based quantities