About SOBS

Protecting Space Capabilities

The University of Arizona Space Object Behavioral Sciences initiative, part of the Defense and Security Research Institute, is focused on locating satellites, studying the movement of objects in space, and managing space traffic. The institute tackles how objects behave in space and how they are affected by international laws and policies.

With its world-renowned observatories and telescopes, and pre-eminent departments and centers carrying out research in astronomy, planetary and space sciences, the University is perfectly positioned to take a leading role in protecting space capabilities and services from loss, interruption and degradation.



To assemble and lead the world’s top multidisciplinary science and technology research and development talent and focus it to solve problems requiring rigorous and comprehensive capabilities in assessing, quantifying and predicting the behavior of objects in space, both man-made and natural.


To imagine, identify, develop and deliver new space object behavior capabilities; make expertise on space object behavior available to a variety of stakeholders including all branches of government, private industry, academia, and international entities; and help guarantee the University of Arizona’s leadership in the area through education, excellence, innovation and practicality in space object behavioral sciences and related fields.

Core Values


We are committed to the safety, security, sustainability and stability of space and to using science and engineering to make space activities transparent. Nihil Arcanum Est!


We will create unrivaled educational opportunities and a boundless environment in which to effect fundamental change through research and development with our strategic partners.


We serve as unbiased evaluators of scientific and technological contributions and believe in equal scientific rigor and scrutiny for all.


Space is a resource for humanity and we are open to ideas from all walks of life. We treat people equitably because we value the opinions and respect the needs of all.

Capacity Building

We will develop and strengthen the knowledge, skills, processes and resources needed for the global community to prosper responsibly and safely in an increasingly congested, contested and competitive space environment.


  • Create a shared scientific and technological research infrastructure among the member UA colleges and departments as well as partner institutions for the purpose of enabling collaborative education, research and technology transfer.
  • Strengthen UA ties with partner universities, industry and stakeholders.
  • Establish new and strengthen existing ties among partner universities and industry.
  • Leverage research opportunities within and outside UA.
  • Consolidate UA academic research programs and leverage those provided by other entities.
  • Open doors to UA’s varied research activities and facilities.
  • Leverage UA resources to benefit the partner and stakeholder research base.
  • Enhance educational opportunities for the SOBS members and UA faculty, students, and staff.